Laser from the word signifying a beam of light matches our mission to provide advanced technical solutions for spreading knowledge in an enhanced environment. We focus on the environment and technology that we offer to our customers; the two go together to form an integrated solution. Whether you are planning for small business IT Solutions, Networking Solutions, Printing Solutions, Power Solutions or Software Solution, we have right solutions for your needs.

Established in December 1991 at Kakinada, Laser Group had taken upon itself the lofty goal of bringing the latest office automation and productivity improvement tools to the door steps of organizations in coastal Andhra Pradesh. This region, considered by most as the “back yard” of the country, was slow to catch up with the rest of the regions, when it comes to adapting the latest trends in Office Automation. This was mainly because of lack of reliable suppliers who can deliver, install and sustain the hardship of providing after-sales service. Soon after starting its operations, Laser group has started endearing itself to all major organizations of the coastal belt by meeting their Office Automation and Information Technology needs. Various strategic alliances established with several national and multi-national majors helped Laser perform this feat to the entire satisfaction of its clients. Laser Systems has expanded it operations to various places of Andhra Pradesh, at presently having its offices at Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Hyderabad, Tirupati and Vijayawada. Three separate and distinctive business segments have been formed to cater for the needs of the customers.

  • Technology Solutions Group
  • Image Printing Solutions Group
  • Power Solutions Group

Laser Systems has varied skills to provide cost effective solutions to the customer in different industry segments such as Banking, Finance, Steel, Textile, Telecommunications, Government, Defence, Corporate and PSU’s.

Some of the broad services that Laser offers are for Systems Integration providing total solutions to organizations. This includes Data Acquisition and control system, Complete Office Automation besides supply and maintenance of computers, building networks and computer educations.

We are the ISO 9001:2000 certified company and our service centers extended 24 X 7 support to customer businesses through, system integration, Managed IT Services and availability Services

As providers of integrated solutions, we offer the most appropriate technologies as per your requirements. Our stress on quality and durability has won us long –lasting relation with our customers.

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