Food & Beverages

In an industry where perishability, quality, and safety standards are a top priority, a central managing entity requires deep level insights, timely alerts, and on-the-fly optimization to keep the business profitable. It is no wonder that more than 60% Food & Beverages businesses feel that they need a software that marries their existing infrastructure and helps them solve the core problems of the business. Compound this requirement with the persistent challenges of standardization, accounting, quality control, and ancillary tasks such as HR and Payroll, and you have a mammoth problem that needs an intuitive solution which gives a wholesome answer to the problem.


The solution works on the premise of logical warehouse defined in the system, thus handling the supreme challenge of inventory management for foodstuffs and beverages.

The solution keeps a track of sensitive reporting, such as Cost Calculation report that takes care of ancillary variables, such as DG Units consumed, Electricity consumed, and other connected parameters.

Potential Viewing Distance

Through virtual warehouses, the solution manages individual stackBIN stock. On similar grounds, Crate Management is affected by transfering the stock to customer warehouse along with the invoice.

Aspect Ratio

An intelligent SMS alert system is employed by the solution for generating alerts on events defined in the system, such as Purchase Order, Sale Order, Invoice, Incoming Payment, Outgoing Payment, etc.