For businesses, Logistics continues to be a highly sensitive area where operational inaccuracy could result in substantial wastage of effort and resources. Most find it difficult to manage freights as per vehicle category, supervise the ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ processes, and optimize routes, transfer orders & deliveries. Almost 50 percent of the management feels they require software which assists them in enhancing their logistics department.


Generation of Bills and integration of financial and accounting aspects. It syncs the billing and invoicing system while creating and approving fund requisition as well..

With a dedicated system for the management of inventory, purchasing, fixed assets, incentive and consignment booking, it records every logistical detail.

With route and lorry management, this solution manages transportation of the business. It suggests alternative routes reducing delivery time, records multiple locations, handles scheduling and inventory of vehicle types/categories.

This simple to use solution takes minimal time for integration and increases the overall productivity significantly.